Services for Individuals

There are many reasons to hire an investigator:

  • You need information about a prospective business partner.
  • You have concerns about your daughter’s new boyfriend.
  • You want help finding a long-lost friend.
  • You’re trying to wrangle information from the police.

I can help and, often, can get you answers within a day or two.

Here are a few examples of how I’ve assisted people:

A Portland businessman hired his ex-wife to help with clerical work. She stole more than $40,000 in cash from him. I was able to recover a substantial amount of his money after confronting the woman upon her return from a four-day trip to Las Vegas.

An entrepreneur seeking investors in a proposed gold-mining operation needed to know if his prospective business partners were legitimate. My extensive background investigation found that many of these would-be partners had a history lies, fraud and deception.

A Tigard man was owed a significant amount of money for his professional services. The woman who hired him refused to pay when the work was done. After a thorough investigation, I learned that she concealed her whereabouts by using PO boxes and lying about her true address. I confirmed that she had a full-time job in another state and a regular paycheck that could be garnished.

I’m an expert when it comes to:

  • Getting legally available court records involving a person’s criminal history and lawsuits.
  • Finding people and providing contact information.
  • Conducting background checks on businesses.
  • Obtaining an individual’s Oregon driving records and vehicle ownership information.
  • Battling bureaucrats to get public records.
  • Researching real estate ownership and loan documents.

When my work is complete, you receive a professionally written report tailored to your specific needs.